Your Words; Your Boundaries

How much of yourself are you putting into your writing? Do you lay it all on the line? Or are you setting boundaries between your personal and professional self?

Word Of The Day…

It’s a big and powerful word. Authenticity!

Clients seek transparency. Clients seek alignment between our personal and professional lives. And we want to be seen. This is truth.

But to what extent is this a feasible goal?

I’m all for a free world where everyone can roam free and no one tells anyone what to do. Everyone can be themselves and everyone understands and is understood. Hippie utopia. Does that sound right? I can be an idealist.

But let’s face it, we’re living in the real world and I’m a rational person by nature. I’m an open book, sure, but nobody is turning the pages without my permission. I choose what I share and I’m sure the same applies to you.

It’s up to you where you draw the line.

Confession Of The Day…

… And this brings me to a confession. I cuss. I used to cuss like a sailor. And then I had kids; I learned about audience.​ Ain’t no reminder about audience like a two-year-old running around screaming like a broken record. “For ya yuv of yod” remains a personal favorite. Let me know if you can guess this one.

Your Audience And You

Professionalism demands a level of screening, right? You work for yourself! And you’re not interviewing for anything! But your website is a resume; it sets out who you are as a professional and determines whether you pass muster for people choosing to work with you.

And here’s the thing, the professional within you is just that — within you, a part of you, not the whole of you.

I’m not saying that cussing is bad. All language is beautiful and flowery and appropriate at the right time and place.

So does this mean I get to curse while telling my story to the customer service clerk? Um, no. Boundaries. Can I do it without cussing? Yes.

Does this mean I get to curse when my bank messes up a transfer and charges me fees for it? Um, no. Boundaries. Was I able to resolve without cussing? Yes.

So what’s with the cursing? When is it OK? When your boundaries and the boundaries of the person(s) you are speaking with are mutually understood.

Does this mean I cuss? Yes. At the right time, in the right place, with the right person.

Yes, I maintain boundaries between my personal and professional lives. With the words I choose and the actions I choose to engage in (working past 7pm, client call availability, etc…).

Do you have boundaries that extend beyond actions to words you use?