Your questions; my answers

Do you prefer to actually talk? Me too!

Don’t see your question listed? [Reach out!] Nothing beats a good ole chin wag.
Book a quick chat [sooner] rather than later (I’m already looking forward to it!).

It depends on the size of project and other projects already booked.

The earliest I’m likely to be available is in about a couple weeks, and the most you’ll have to wait is a couple months.

For this reason, I recommend chatting sooner than later.

Like all good projects, we start with research: first, [we talk]! We identify your top biz goals and priorities to gauge whether we’re a good fit for working together.

When you’re ready, we’ll get the official ball rolling with a payment plan (or not), crossed t’s, and dotted i’s. (No, you don’t have to be on board with the Oxford comma to work with me. Or know what it is.)

Then the project breaks down like this (usually for a period of 3 months, and can be customized to you):

  • Research: Before we put a word on the page, we research! We identify and define your biznality: your voice, your messaging, and your position in the industry. We use all this info to develop the definitions and concepts that will feed through as we move into the development stage.
  • Develop: Based on our discovery work, we strategize your core content pieces and begin developing together. Project scope allows you to choose up to 3 content priorities: web copy, emails, blogs, talks, etc.
  • Refine: You implement the content and I’m available to support you through adjustments, as needed, until we reach project deadline.

Easy! “Outsource tasks, not strategy.”

If you want to hand it off, I’m not for you.

I partner and collaborate with my clients: We strategize, collaborate, and write together.

This is the best way to not only bring your voice to the table, but also make sure it carries forward once we’re done working together.

Sound like a dream come true? Let’s chat!

Easy! That’s what! I prefer simplicity over sophistication every time, and I bet you do too.

There will be agreed upon checkpoints throughout the project to keep it on track. Mostly, these dates are custom-scheduled pending on the project. The one thing that is the same across the board is this: I ask that you get back to me within 48 biz hours, and I commit to doing the same!

  • We’ll have shared docs for collaboration and writing together. 🙂
  • All research interviews are conducted via Zoom and recorded, as needed, for our reference.
  • By the end of our time together, we’ll have content created pending your project preferences.

Ultimately, you’re going to be clear on yourself (aka biznality) and your target market. And you’re going to have living, breathing language that’s out in the world and is clear, personable, and sounds like you.

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